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It seems there are a lot of questions that come up when booking a family shoot, which is great! I like to know that my clients are interested and looking forward to their session.

I have written out a few tips which i think are important but also a few from questions that have come up from past clients.

My tips

I would start with at kind of shoot you want to do. Do you have a location in mind? Pick one or two that are meaningful to you. How big is the family? Think about what you want and how practical it would be to actually do. If you have 3 kids you probably don’t want to be walking to much. So being in a place where you all feel comfortable also makes the session fun and easy.

I like to keep things natural and simple, so if that is what you are heading for stick to bright colors or plain and solid colors, nothing too fluorescent. Textures and layers look great, they give a good depth nd details to the photo.

 Avoid repetitive prints and lines, these detailed patterns are difficult on the camera. This applies a lot to men's shirts. .

I wouldn't over accessories ladies, no watches and if you wear glasses be prepared to remove them as they create a lot of reflection. Scarves, hats and other items of clothing make for great props.

Make sure everyone has eaten and is happy. If we are outdoor bring along some water specially if it's summer, you will easily get dehydrated walking in a big park.

And finally I would say just have fun!

Frequently asked...

For a big group, you can dress in similar styles and colors, but this is not necessary it's completely up to you. If you do decide on matching though, be consistent! Chosen outfits that match a big group and that everyone is happy with can be quite overwhelming.

The colors of the clothes should be within the same color palette or be complimentary colors, rather than everyone dressed in the same color. The clothing material could be matching or you can think of a theme an go from there.

Dress For the weather.

If you have many kids, it can become frustrating but remember they are kids! And probably don't understand the whole concept. So be patient as I will be, because it wouldn't help the situation to be otherwise. Make sure what they are wearing is not too distracting. Hats are cute but they usually just throw it to the ground minutes in the session.

Yes, you can bring your pet, providing he is well behaved if he wants to be in the shot, I wouldn't want you to spend most of you time getting him to sit.

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