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First things first...

1. It's best to book your newborn session for the first 14 days of entering this world! Even better if you can make it for the first week of their arrival. During that time they are sleepy enough to be handled and moved around without being disturbed.

2. Most sessions are done in the comfort of your own home, I feel it is easier on you, the baby and myself. Therefore I ask that a room with enough natural light coming in be available.

3. Put up the heat in the room that will be used. This is very important even sometimes in summer ,if we might feel all sweaty they are used to being all wrapped up. So to avoid upsetting our star just crank up the heat 30mins before I arrive.

4. And finally one last important thing to prepare is your baby.

Make sure all the clothes and nappies on his body are all loosened up at least an hr before the session, that will allow for any marks to disappear. You baby will be naked throughout the session and we don't want all those marks visible on the photos (because i do not entirely believe in the power of Photoshop!)

Most of the images will also work best if the baby is in a deep sleep. It is up to you to do whatever it takes to make sure baby is nice and exhausted when i arrive.

During the session

For this part you probably won't have anything to do but relax!

Baby would have been prepared and ready to go but of course I am prepared for any breaks during our session to keep our star happy!

If you have other children that might be noisy, try to find a sitter or family member to take them away from the room for a little while . I usually bring a white noise machine, but it doesn’t always block out tantrums and playtime.
If you and any siblings want to be included into the shoot, it's best to do so at the beginning or end of a session. Only those being photographed should be present to help maintain a calm environment.

And if you are wondering what to wear, just keep it plain and simple!

* you may also put aside any item of clothing o objects you would like to use and include in a photo.

All done!

I will tidy up my mess and be on my jolly way while you wait patiently for your photos.

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